CaFE Teach

A web-accessible content authoring tool for teachers to create and modify content.

CaFE Web

A web-based practice tool for students.

CaFE Phone

A mobile phone game for students.

CaFE Play

An online tool for customizing educational games.

TechCaFETechCaFE (Technology for Customizable and Fun Education) provides educators with simple and customizable tools to make learning fun for students. TechCaFE currently offers tools for teaching and practicing English literacy. This includes CaFE Teach, a web-accessible content authoring tool that teachers use to create and modify English grammar exercises. Students learn content added by teachers through CaFE Teach via CaFE Web, a web-based practice tool, or CaFE Phone, a mobile phone game. Future work involves developing CaFE Play for customizing educational games.

TechCaFE was built upon work from Project Kané. For current work, please visit our Literacy Tools website.


We have worked with or are currently working with primary school and university students, deaf and hard-of-hearing students and migrant workers, in Bangladesh, Qatar, Tanzania and the United States.