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Education e-Village....Coming Soon

TechBridgeWorld courseware, such as syllabi, reading lists, and presentation materials will soon be available to other academic institutions to assist them in developing their own courses related to technology and development. The Introduction to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence course at Ashesi will be among the first to be included in the new online course repository, along with curriculum materials from other TechBridgeWorld courses taught at Carnegie Mellon.

Introduction to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence was offered for the first time in Summer 2006 as a unique collaboration between Ashesi University in Accra, Ghana and Carnegie Mellon University. This hands-on course challenges students to think creatively and teaches them to integrate diverse areas of knowledge to create innovative systems. Ghana’s technology industry needs technologists with the vision to apply new and innovative ideas to the wide variety of problems relevant to a growing economy, and so public presentations were met with great enthusiasm by the university community and others from Accra during the launch of this course.

Other TechBridgeWorld courses to be included on E-Village are:

  • Technology for Developing Communities
  • Technology and Global Development
  • Understanding and Challenging the Images of Computing

We encourage educators from both formal educational institutions and informal educational programs to join the E-Village community, by posting their course materials on the website and providing feedback and comments on the materials. We encourage institutions to submit course and workshop materials related to technology and development, teaching technology in low-resource communities, or information on development issues, cross-cultural training, and technology for non-profit organizations. On the E-Village website there will be clear instructions for the submission of materials which will be reviewed and uploaded by TechBridgeWorld faculty and staff. There will also be ways for E-Village users to register and provide feedback on individual lessons or course materials. We envision these comments as being a great resource for instructors around the world as they consider how they might utilize such course materials in their communities.

We are grateful to the Berkman Faculty Development Fund for supporting the development stage of E-Village and first implementation of the Introduction to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence course with Ashesi University.

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