TechBridgeWorld-Donor Testimonial
Donor Testimonial

Carnegie Mellon

From S. John Whitehill
Co-founder, Center for Appalachian Network Access (CANA)
and Visiting Scholar, School of Computer Science,
Carnegie Mellon University (2003-2008)

TechBridgeWorld is a special program in a superior university which has world class projects.  I support as many efforts as I can, but TechBridgeWorld holds a singular place in my charitable giving.  I am delighted to support TechBridgeWorld and am truly honored to do so publicly.

TechBridgeWorld is an international effort that promotes the use of communication technology to foster development in underserved communities.  TechBridgeWorld projects benefit the host country participants in a lasting, forward facing, and efficient manner.  Technology is uniquely able to connect the most remote and marginalized populations to educational and economic resources.  The benefits are long-lasting and self-promoting, unlike the preponderance of aid programs which are based on crisis intervention or political purposes.  The TechBridgeWorld strategy aligns and exemplifies the mission of our great university combining research with application for public good.              

TechBridgeWorld's students benefit from the experience, often gaining life and career direction as well as growing in understanding and compassion.  Working in underserved communities has lifelong positive consequences for the students who experience poverty but most importantly experience the gratification of bringing hope and change to the crushing environment.  Student projects are valued because their results consistently demonstrate the power of the TechBridgeWorld strategy.
Our great university is the appropriate home for an international, technology-based development project.  I experienced the formation of TechBridgeWorld and watched its development into a significant program.  In the earliest days, the founders brought intellectual enthusiasm to the project; the passion continues today.  Over time the project has expanded in size and scope but retains its initial feeling of special purpose. 

Every year, I try to attend TechBridgeWorld's demonstration event.  What is apparent is the growth of the program- new applications, additional locations, expanded staff and most significantly increased interest from the student body.  It is a fulfilling experience to see that good intentions are matched with positive results.  The need for a larger effort to meet the limitless demand propels me to write this support plea.  Your gift will strengthen a great program.  Please, become involved.

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