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Donor Testimonial

Carnegie Mellon

From a past student participant who completed undergraduate studies
at Carnegie Mellon University:

I believe in giving back to organizations that helped to shape my life for the better -- those that helped define who I am, what I’m interested in -- and those that continue to inspire me to become a better person.  For me, TechBridgeWorld is exactly that.  From my summer internship experience, to the classes I took from their faculty, to the knowledge that they freely share with me and the greater community, TechBridgeWorld has helped shape my life and continues to inspire me to make an impact on developing communities. 

When I decided to donate to TechBridgeWorld, it was to do my part in helping to continue this great organization so that future students would have available to them the same opportunities that were afforded to me.  My donation was also so that TechBridgeWorld had more funds to continue impacting the countries in which they work and the communities with which they partner. 

What TechBridgeWorld does for the students, the Carnegie Mellon community, and communities all over the world is something worth investing in, and if you feel the same way, I hope you will join me in financially supporting the work they do.  It’s quick and easy to do so. It takes on average 4 minutes to complete the donation process. 

And you shouldn’t stop there -- the easiest way to increase the impact of your donation is by completing your company’s matching gift form.  Each company has a different match ratio and a different way of filling out the request (usually online or a faxed paper form).  The commonalities are that this can usually be completed with minimal effort and can increase the power of your gift up to 3 times!  My company will match donations to educational organizations of $25 or more, your company probably has slightly different fine print that you should read to make sure the match request will be granted, but the concept is the same -- you give money and they’ll give money too. 

To get my company to match my donation, all I have to do is make the donation (not just a pledge) and then go to our Corporate Giving website with the following information:

  • Organization Tax ID -- I used Carnegie Mellon University’s EIN: 250969449
  • Donation Date
  • Donation Amount
  • Affiliation to the organization (if any)
  • Comments: this section provides directions to the organization and in this case allows you to make sure the matching gift goes to TechBridgeWorld too.  I put “Designated to support the TechBridgeWorld group.”

The final steps are to sign the form (whether virtually or in ink) and send the matching gift form to your corporate giving office (usually transmission details are somewhere on the form itself).

Then sit back, relax, and accept this former student participant’s thanks for taking the extra step to increase the impact your gift has on this great organization and future Carnegie Mellon students!

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