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Automated Braille Writing Tutor: Seeking to improve literacy among visually impaired youth

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TechBridgeWorld is grateful to the many students, alumni, faculty, partners and sponsors who make our ongoing braille writing tutor research possible.


  • M. Beatrice Dias, Engineering and Public Policy Ph.D. Student
  • Amal El-Ghazaly, Electrical and Computer Engineering Undergraduate Student
  • Pengfei Li, Computer Science Undergraduate Student
  • Jonathan Muller, Information Systems Management Graduate Student


  • Daniel Dewey, Computer Science Graduate
  • Noura El-Moughny, Computer Science Graduate
  • Bradley Hall, Mechanical Engineering Graduate
  • Nidhi Kalra, Robotics Institute Ph.D. Graduate
  • Tom Lauwers, Robotics Institute Ph.D. Graduate
  • Mohammed Kaleemur Rahman, Computer Science Graduate
  • Saurabh Sanghvi, Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate
  • Aysha Siddique, Computer Science Graduate
  • Tom Stepleton, Robotics Institute Ph.D. Graduate
  • Jeremy Stolarz, Robotics Institute Master's Graduate
  • Anthony Velázquez, Computer Science Graduate


  • M. Bernardine Dias, Robotics Institute Assistant Research Professor, TechBridgeWorld Founder & Director, V-Unit Coordinator, Project Advisor
  • Manuela Veloso, Computer Science Professor, V-Unit Coordinator, Project Advisor
  • Jack Mostow, Robotics Institute Research Professor, Project Advisor
  • Illah Nourbakhsh, Robotics Institute Associate Professor, Project Advisor


  • Ameer Abdulsalam, Computer Science Research Programmer
  • Sarah Belousov, TechBridgeWorld Project Manager
  • M. Freddie Dias, Robotics Institute Research Engineer, TechBridgeWorld Technical Consultant
  • Imran Fanaswala, Computer Science Research Programmer
  • Hend Gedawy, Computer Science Research Assistant
  • Wael Ghazzawi, former Computer Science Research Programmer
  • Ermine Teves, TechBridgeWorld Project Assistant


  • Young Power in Social Action, Bangladesh
    • Vashkar Bhattacharjee, DAISY Focal Point
  • Chittagong School for the Blind, Bangladesh
  • Asian University for Women, Bangladesh
    • Faheem Hussain, Faculty
    • Shumana Chowdhury, Undergraduate Student
    • Lutfun Nahar, Undergraduate Student
  • Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School, Tanzania
  • Mathru School for the Blind, India
    • Gubbi Muktha, Mathru Trustee
    • Rana Nanjappa, Asha Coordinator
    • Shivayogi Hiremath, Masters Student in Rehabilitation Science and Technology,
      University of Pittsburgh
  • Sefula School for the Visually Impaired, Zambia
    • Richard Lisulo, Headmaster
  • ProjectEDUCATE
    • Mbao Ngula, Executive Director
    • Nengela Ngula, Coordinator


  • The V-Unit Program
  • National Science Foundation/IGERT
  • Qatar Foundation
  • Qatar National Research Fund National Priorities Research Program
  • Qatar National Research Fund Undergraduate Research Experience Program
  • Holleran Scholars Fund
  • Intel First Year Research Experience
  • Yahoo!
  • Paul and Joanne Egerman
  • Donald S. Shepard
  • Ariadna Font-Llitjós and Juan Carlos Rivera
  • An anonymous donor
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