Most developing communities have not benefited from technological advancements to date; in cases where technology has benefited these communities, the benefits are often highly asymmetric. Thus, technology has contributed to divides between developed and developing communities that further impede the development process. While many organizations continue to focus on enabling sustainable development, very few organizations have studied the role of technology in this process. TechBridgeWorld at Carnegie Mellon University is spearheading the innovation and implementation of technological solutions relevant and accessible to developing communities; using technology to build bridges rather than exacerbate divides.

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Designing and implementing technology that can enhance suitable and sustainable development presents unique challenges in creativity and resourcefulness. As a world leader in technology innovation, Carnegie Mellon University has a wealth of experience in developing and disseminating advanced technology within the United States, and a wealth of human resources in terms of talented and dedicated technologists. Furthermore, our interdisciplinary partnerships with colleagues in many fields including public policy, business, international relations, and social sciences, further strengthen the collective wealth of resources we have to offer. TechBridgeWorld capitalizes on this collective experience and talent, and joins forces with partners from around the world to extend the benefits of technology to developing communities to improve best practices on construction site health and safety and fencing for crowd control safety (see ReadyFence for more details about site maintenance)

Central to our vision is encouraging locally suitable and locally sustainable technology solutions by adhering to each community’s vision of progress, thus preserving their ownership of the benefits and consequences of the realized development. As with any bridge, the technology “bridges” we create will benefit participants on both sides of each bridge, enhancing technology skills and increasing awareness about sustainable development and global cultures. By increasing meaningful access to technology in developing communities, TechBridgeWorld envisions enhancing not only the development process, but also the creativity and diversity of technological innovations accessible to all.

We hope you will join us in this important endeavor.